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Sizing Guide

Sizing Guide

Studio Love offers a wide variety of garments from multiple manufacturers, which means sizing is unique to each item. When you’re looking at any product page, click Sizing to see the breakdown. We provide both garment measurements and fit guide based on body measurements where possible.

Garment measurements start with “Garment”, whereas body measurements start with “Your”. This makes it easy to take your students costume measurements and order according to our charts. Alternatively, all measurements are included in your quote, which you can download and share with your students.

Industry standard measurements for garments are listed with +/- 5% tolerance for error. Deviation within this margin should not drastically affect the fit of the garment.

Make sure the garment is laid as flat as possible on an even surface before measuring. Garment measurements can be accurately taken in these places:


  1. Shoulders
    Measure the distance between the widest shoulder points on either side.
  2. Chest
    Measure the width at the highest/widest part of the torso, directly under the arms. Multiply this by 2 to get the total circumference.
  3. Waist
    Measure the width at the smallest point of the torso, where the top cinches (if it does). Multiply this by 2 to get the total circumference.
  4. Length
    Measure the length from the highest point at the collar of the top, in a straight vertical line to the bottom hem of the top.
  5. Sleeve
    Measure the length from the nape of the neck to the widest shoulder point, then directly to the end of the wrist cuff.


  1. Waist
    Measure the top side of the garment from one side to the other. Multiply this by 2 to get the total waist circumference.
  2. Hips
    Measure the width of the widest part of the garment hip from one side to the other. Multiply this by 2 for the total hip circumference.
  3. Length
    Measure the length from the top corner to the longest part of bottom hem.
  4. Inseam
    Measure from the groin along the seam to the bottom hem.

Make sure your tape measure is straight and  level when taking all of these measurements. Here is how to properly take your own measurements for comparing to our sizing guides:

  1. Chest
    With your arms relaxed at your sides, take a measurement at the fullest part of the chest right under the arms, wrapping the tape once all the way around the torso. 
  2. Waist
    While relaxed (don't hold your breath), measure the smallest part of the torso where the waist cinches. Make sure the tape goes all the way around, is level, and is not too tight.
  3. Hips
    Stand straight with heels together, and measure around the widest part of the hips. Be sure the measuring tape does not sag or droop on either side and measure all the way around the hip for total circumference.
  4. Inseam
    With your legs straight, measure the distance from the crotch to right below the ankle bone in a straight line.

Model image is to show placement only, this is not the recommended stance for measurement.

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