Any new orders will be fulfilled in 2021. Click here for details and delivery information.


At this time, Studio Love does not offer sizers for orders intended to be received in 2020. Sadly the pandemic has meant decreased staff and longer production times, and since most of our items are either made-to-order or imported from the US, there is unfortunately not enough time or resources to create and send sizing kits for 2020 orders.

In light of this situation, Studio Love has made a concerted effort to update all of our products with accurate sizing guides, detailing both the measurements of the garments and the recommended fit based on body measurements.

If you would like purchase a size kit for an order intended for 2021 delivery please contact us.

Terms of Ordering Sizers:

Sizers are not meant to be used to compare different styles and colours in real life. We make every effort to accurately represent our products online, and so we ask that studios only order sizers in styles they are committed to selling to their customers.

Sizers are limited to one colour per style and one specific style per type (ie. one style of tank top in one colour). Typically we allow for sizers to be ordered in YS-YL, AS-AL.

Sizers must be returned in a timely manner to be used in your final decorated order. In order to receive a refund on the sizers, the customer must make a minimum purchase order of that style and colour.

When submitting your final order quantities, please include the sizers in the total quantities. Sizers cannot be ordered online, please contact us for your order.

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