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Studio Love will be closed from December 20th, 2023 - January 3rd, 2024
About Us

about us

At Studio Love, we believe the brand you've created for your studio oozes a certain feeling and set of values in the hearts and minds of your students and parents. And that emotion you’ve worked so hard to create is valuable.

Branding our specially curated selection of dancer appropriate street wear, promotional items, and company wear, and selling it to your community for a profit is how we believe you can get the most out of your brand. 

In order for your studio gear to sell, you need fashion-forward styles kids want to wear, exciting brand decoration styles like Chroma Bling or Applique, and most of all wholesale prices...

That is why we use the “Three Pillars of Studio Love”, to ensure your studio products sell:


Fashion forward, youth & adult matching styles, wholesale prices.

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Wide variety of dynamic ways to decorate your products

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Ready-made easy-to-use templates that take your gear up a notch.

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A Letter from Our Founder

Dear studios,

I grew up dancing from the ripe age of four. Tap was my favourite, even if it took several one-on-one sessions and many tears to get the flap ball change.

Dance gave me a structure and discipline throughout my childhood that I wouldn’t trade for anything. It allowed me to excel in school then and excel in business today.

Through those years of dance, my parents started a promotional products company where I worked in the summers. I got to understand the business of swag merchandise and see how valuable it can be.

It has been my dream for many years to bring these two worlds together and I feel lucky to have the opportunity to do so with Studio Love.

Watching my dance instructors and my parents run businesses while I was growing, I understand what a challenge it can be to juggle so many responsibilities and make a profit. It is my hope that our products and services create value for your kids so that you enjoy some much needed extra revenue.


Matthew Campanile
CEO & Founder

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