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Online Studio Webstores

Online Studio WebsTORES

We know how busy running a studio can be; that's why we are offering STUDIO WEBSTORES to create a hassle-free gear selling campaign for your studio:

  • A state-of-the-art user friendly online shopping experience for your dancers
  • Contactless sales for any situation (in-studio or online classes)
  • Name your own prices and earn profits on every sale


Check out our pricing options below:




  • Basic webstore functions

  • 7 day website turnaround

  • 5 styles maximum (toddler, youth and adult can be combined for one style)


*our best value



  • Custom webstore banner

  • 1-2 day website turnaround

  • 10 styles maximum (toddler, youth and adult can be combined for one style) including two personalized styles (let your dancers add their name)

  • 1 premium promo template of your choice (social media or email)




  • Unlimited Premium webstores for 1 year

  • Premium promo template for both social media AND email for each webstore

  • 15 styles maximum including four personalized styles (let your dancers add their name)

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Terms & Conditions of Webstores:

  • All webstore fee payments must be completed prior to webstore setup.
  • A webstore "style" is defined as: one matching colour swatch and matching print in any available sizes (including toddler, youth, and adult styles).
  • Webstore orders ship in bulk to the studio, similarly to a regular order. Studios are also emailed a packing slip for each order placed on their website to make distributing goods to their customers easier. 
  • Bulk discounts rates will apply if styles reach 25, 50, or 100+ pieces. 
  • Store profits will be paid via e-transfer. You may choose to charge a small flat fee of $2-$5 to your dancers to cover your shipping costs, or if you prefer to offer free shipping to your dancers, the cost to ship the bulk orders to the studio will simply be taken from the total studio profits.
  • The minimum purchase of an individual item must be met in order for the sales to be fuliflled. This means, if a style on your webstore has not reached the minimum, you can choose to top up the order OR pay a less than minimum fee per product which will be $5-10 depending on complexity. (Most items are a minimum of 12 - please be aware that there are some exceptions, learn more about order minimums here).
  • It is possible to combine some different styles to meet minimums as long as the print size is the same. Studio Essentials is exempt from this - they have a strict 12 minimum per colour per style.
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